The Home Inspector Position

We Are Looking For an Individual Who:

Is inspired by helping people, has a thirst for knowledge, and is looking to be at the front line of a team that is changing an industry.

Is never satisfied with what they know, is always striving for greatness, and will put the team ahead of themselves.

Will be a guardian for people who are making the biggest investment of their lives.

Is excited about the opportunity to learn on a daily basis.

Wants to have a rewarding career that they can be proud of.

We are a small company that is growing quickly. You will have to learn and retain A LOT of information. There are no current health benefits. Sometimes the schedule is hectic (especially in the Spring/Summer). You will get dirty. You will work long hours. You will be pushed to expand your mind and abilities. It will not be easy.

You will have guaranteed pay plus the ability to earn more. You will be completely trained in the position. You will be provided with all of the tools you need and a vehicle. You will have freedom from being micro managed. You will be able to travel around various areas and see the beauty of scenery. You will work outside and be active at work. You will be able to work in peace and quiet most of the time. You will have the opportunity for growth in a management position if you desire. At the end of the day your day will be over. There are no carryover projects. You will be able to communicate your findings to mostly first-time homebuyers and help them transition into home ownership. It will be very rewarding.

If this position still interests you please submit the form below: