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Additional Services

Sprinkler System Inspection

We offer sprinkler system inspections for an additional fee during the months of April-October (or when the sprinklers are in the “On” position during the inspection and it isn’t too cold).

We turn on each sprinkler zone manually using the control panel and then check for leaks, sprinklers not functioning properly, and sprinklers that may be spraying the house or not covering areas of the lawn.

Termite Inspection

We offer termite inspections for an additional fee for Veteran’s Affairs loans and to those who want one.

We inspect for what may cause termites such as fruit trees, wood piles next to your house, soil in contact with wooden supports, and interior cracks.

We identify signs of termites and recommend further evaluation and treatment.

Radon Gas Measurement

We offer radon gas measurement with state-of-the-art continuous radon monitors that take measurements for 48 hours.

Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas. You cannot see, smell or taste radon, but it may be a problem in your home. The Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today.

The radon gas measurement results are emailed to you and then you are able to determine the need for a radon mitigation system.

Infrared Camera Scan

We offer infrared camera scans or thermal imaging for an additional fee.

This technology allows us to see potential issues such as overheating electrical components, moisture leaks, and areas of missing insulation or drafts.

Methamphetamine Sampling

We offer meth sampling to those who suspect meth use.

Example signs of meth use are extreme measures of privacy such as painting window glass, signs of anger that result in broken windows and holes in doors and walls, strong smelling stench and staining, and chemical containers.

If you suspect meth or want a sample done for peace of mind we take samples and have the results analyzed by a professional laboratory.

Results are emailed within 48 hours of the sample drop off and then you can determine the need for decontamination.

Mold Sampling

We offer mold sampling to those who want to know more about mold in the house.

Swab samples can be taken if mold is found during our visual inspection or air samples can be collected.

These samples are then analyzed by a mycologist and a separate report is emailed, usually within 48-72 hours.

Lead-Based Paint Sampling

We offer lead-based paint sampling for an additional fee to those want to know if there is exposed lead-based paint in the house.

Lead was used in household paints prior to 1978 at which time it was banned dues to cases where it caused health issues.

Sampling is done by using a swab to test several areas of the house. The results are then included in the home inspection report.

Asbestos Sampling

We offer asbestos sampling in homes that may have asbestos-containing materials.

Examples include siding tiles, floor tiles, duct wrap or tape, popcorn ceiling texture, and ceiling tiles.

We take a physical sample and it is analyzed by a local lab which then sends a report with the % of asbestos, usually within 48-72 hours.

Other Inspections

• Cabin Inspections
• Manufactured Home
• Inspections
• Pre-Listing Inspections
• Pre-Purchase Inspections
• New Construction Inspections
• Multi-Unit Inspections
• Townhouses/Condominiums
• Annual Maintenance Checkup
• 11th Month Warranty Inspections
• Vacation Home Inspections
• Rental Property Inspections
• Yearly Maintenance Inspections

Expert Testimony

The owner, Sheehan Thomson, can help clients and attorneys win cases as an expert witness in court cases involving builder mistakes, contractor malpractice, and other home building issues.

What is expert testimony? Expert testimony is when our company or a representative from our company is hired to provide an expert opinion in court or for a court case. The inspectors in our company are so well versed in the inspection field we may often be called upon to assist in a case that may go to court to resolve a dispute. Our inspectors are trained to give factual information based on what was accessible at the time of our inspection.

We may be used for a case that needs assistance in any of the following:

Installation Disputes – When a party believes that the installation of building products were done against the manufacturers specifications, were improperly used for it’s intended purpose, is against code or safety standards.
Failing Building Material – This is when someone has some building material that has obviously failed prior to its manufactured intended life. We investigate to determine if the product was installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and if it has prematurely aged or “Failed” to meet what the manufacturer represented its life line to be.
Real Estate Disputes – Sometimes in a real estate transaction a dispute arises as to the condition of the property. We can help whether it is through arbitration or a court hearing. We will identify the condition and what needs to be done for it to perform its intended function. We can give cost estimates to assist in the resolution.